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Stop the Plan for a Geological Nuclear Dump


In 2013 85% of Parish Councils in Cumbria Opposed the Plan for Geological Disposal.  The image on the left indicates the Parish Councils who voted NO to the plan in 2012 , by 2013 there was a red STOP sign from Parish Councils over 85% of Cumbria.  The Geology has not changed only the rebranded frame of reference which is looking to limit the "test of public support" to  "Yes."  Contact your councillors and tell them NO - that the so-called "Community Partnerships" of Allerdale and Copeland are not acting in your name or the name of your Parish Council or community.
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No to a Geological Nuclear Dump Under Cumbrian Land and Sea

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Image by James Lee

Show Your Support

Radiation Free Lakeland is run by volunteers - the best support you can give is to get involved in our campaign to stop the geological nuclear dump, everything from speaking to your councillors and MP, writing to the press - displaying posters etc.  If you can make a donation you can be sure it will go directly to campaigning.  Many Thanks!

Image by Dave Lowe


We appreciate the generosity and involvement of those who are working to stop the plan for geological disposal.

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