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A Look at LAND's Achievements Over 2023

New Years Greetings to all supporters and friends of Lakes Against Nuclear Dump - a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign.

2024 will bring New Challenges but its good to look at our achievements and here are just a few of our highlights from last year.

Onwards and Upwards!

Lakes Against Nuclear Dump is run entirely voluntarily - please join us - and if you would like to leave a tip in the hat you can make donations here.

January 2023

Nuclear Propaganda Aimed at Children - Exposed. The so-called -“Working in Partnership” sponsored by UK Government produced a range of literature targeted at children with colourful characters like “Radioactive Ray” saying “I’m a nice kid, really, I just need a long time to cool off underground.” We made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority who took no action saying that the literature was not ‘paid for advertising’ as it was used directly as promotional material in village and church halls. In this case the ASA have let children down badly but the good news is that we have not seen the literature used since our complaint.

May 2023

Radiation Free Lakeland put together a reply to the Government's consultation on the nuclear dump plans and encouraged others to tell Government that the GDF and Near Surface plans are too dangerous and that the Government should think again.

June 2023

World Ocean Day - Lakes Against Nuclear Dump shouted the message loud and clear on regional tv and print media that there should be no more investigations for a deep nuclear dump off the coast of the Lake District (or anywhere!)

This is an ongoing campaign to stop the nuclear dump investigations from seismic blasting to deep boreholes - and to stop the obscene plans for a deep nuclear dump under the ocean.

September 2023

Allerdale “heaves sigh of relief” as the Government remove this area from the running for a deep sub-sea nuclear dump. This decision was taken prior to any Seismic Blasting (investigation technique for the Geological Disposal Facility). In both Allerdale and Lincolnshire the plan for Seismic Blasting was scrapped - this is due in no small part to our vigorous campaigning and the bad publicity that ensued for Nuclear Waste Services. The removal of Allerdale is predictable and puts the screw ever tighter on the area closest to Sellafield. The reality is that an experimental deep sub-sea nuclear dump anywhere on the West Coast of Cumbria (or anywhere) would be disastrous for the biosphere wherever it was situated.

October 2023

We attended the Wasdale Show taking the message out to holiday makers and locals alike. We took our ongoing petition about the nuclear industry's (and our pro-nuclear Government's) abuse of the word "clean." Hundreds of people have signed the petition but we need many more signatures in order to force a debate in Parliament about the blatant false advertising promoting the most polluting and dangerous industry on the planet. On the way home from Wastwater we were treated to the wonderful view of a double rainbow which we managed to capture in a photo - also photographed was the view of the pumping station at the foot of Wastwater taking 4 million gallons of freshwater every day (with more taken from rivers and boreholes) to cool the nuclear wastes arriving daily at Sellafield

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Couldn’t agree more with Tanya - Thanks for all your comments below for Marianne.

Thank you so much for your leadership and all you do Marianne in highlighting this deceitful, damaging practice.

I was originally born & raised not far from Sellafield - its name changed along the way to try and foyle the masses. Sooo much damage has been done there already, I feel very worried and sad that Sellafield and its nearby population are still a candidate for further serious damage / toxicity.

The NE is a poorer area in parts with high unemployment, little or no serious, long-term investment and now it is being targeted yet again for possible further damage / testing. My heart aches.



Thank you so much Liz - very much appreciated. Yes - lets lets keep going - Onwards and Upwards! Marianne


Marianne, thank you for your resolute pursuit of 'outing' what are some of the UK's biggest lies. I do not live in the UK much any more; I hate being connected to such a crass and deceitful nation...but you have enabled me to still take part in trying to make change by steering with what might be sent and what signed; for this I am particularly grateful as I truly believe if we are not part of the solution then we are part of the problem. I wish you all the best for 2024 and hope that your hard work and leadership continues to pay off as more people see the light and gather around you. You are an amazing…


Thank you so much for the supportive message Tanya - it is so very much appreciated! All very best wishes to you and to all of us as we go into 2024 x

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