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Cumbria - the Nuclear Dump Patsy?

South Holderness East Yorkshire has been 'put forward' for GDF plans alongside South and Mid-Copeland (Cumbria) and Theddlethorpe (Lincolnshire) - the outcry against the latest proposition in East Yorkshire has been huge.

Is Cumbria being lined up as the line of least resistance? This Nuclear Waste Services (Government) 'process' is cynically designed to look like a competition for which area has the privilege of hosting a nuclear dump for high level nuclear wastes. After a few years of millions of pounds worth of bribes the areas will get to vote.

Look at this - 6 minutes in . . Strange that no-one from campaign groups in Cumbria has been invited onto the BBC Look North studios even though we had a petition of over 50,000 signatures and demonstrations opposing the GDF seismic blasting investigations. Is Cumbria the patsy? Of course South Holderness is vehemently opposed to the nuclear dump and we stand in solidarity with them and all others fighting nuclear waste disposal (dump and forget) plans - No GDF, not here, not there, not anywhere!

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