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Deep Sub-Sea Mining Under the Irish Sea- Coal and Nuclear Hand in 4IR Glove

This talk was hosted by New Horizons at St Annes, Lancashire.

New Horizons host a talk on the surprising connections between coal and nuclear in Cumbria.

A Government-appointed nuclear waste advisor is set to drill the first deep earthquake-inducing coal mine in 30 years in the sub-sea area off the coast of Whitehaven.

This coal mine would be just five miles from the already highly vulnerable and leaking “state of the art” Sellafield site. Extraction of the coal would be carried out by massive remote-controlled machines with the cut coal transported to conveyors using mobile shuttle cars. Mark Kirkbride, the coal mine boss, knows that subsidence and earthquakes are likely – his evidence to the public inquiry said that this would be “mitigated” not prevented.

The coal boss is also advising UK Government on the construction, costings and so on of a 1000 m deep, 25km square and very hot (100 degrees c +) nuclear dump euphemistically called a Geological Disposal Facility. The most expedient area in the frame is near Sellafield – adjacent to Kirkbride’s coal mine. An “exceptional” accident at Sellafield, caused by Mark Kirkbride’s coal mine or by construction of an even bigger void, the deep nuclear dump would have the potential to make huge swaths of the UK uninhabitable and contaminate much of Europe and the World.

How have we ended up with an earthquake-inducing coal boss with coal mine business interests next to Sellafield advising the UK Government on deep nuclear dump plans?

It is no accident that a new facility in Whitehaven is the first network of robotics and artificial intelligence collaboration hubs across the UK with “AI, data and robotics powered transformation for sustainable decommissioning in the nuclear sector and other industries.” Make no mistake… Cumbria is being prepped. The worst thing about Mark Kirkbride’s coal mine is not fossil fuel-induced climate change, it is the proximity to Sellafield, the world’s most dangerous nuclear waste site.

Lakes Against Nuclear Dump website:

The video small clips of pathe-news footage etc included under fair use.

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