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Delivering Consent for a Deep Nuclear Dump

Community group, South Copeland Against GDF (Geological Disposal Facility) have published the Results of a Baseline Survey commissioned by the nuclear industry and by government. This survey is the beginning of the push to claim public support for a deep nuclear dump. Last time around in 2008 - 2013 over 85% of Parishes said NO - this time the bribery

has started early in order to deliver a deep nuclear dump but even with the bribery, resistance to the plan is in evidence by this "Baseline Survey"

At last night’s South Copeland GDF Community Partnership meeting held in Millom and attended by about twenty members of the public, the results of the baseline survey the CP commissioned from an independent company Yonder were shared. The survey was conducted in two Copeland electoral wards (Millom and Black Combe and Scafell). It was a random survey which included 158 interviews and 20 x 30 minute conversations with residents. The purpose of a baseline survey is to find out at the beginning of a project the status of the subject. Here are some of the results:

  • 85% had heard about what was going on

  • 3/4 aware of the search area and Community Partnership

  • Half identified accurate description of GDF

  • 61% against the GDF being sited here (of whom many were strongly opposed)

  • 27% in favour

  • Reasons given why against: safety and security; environment; transportation; infrastructure

  • Wanting more independent information from experts on: safety; environment; waste transportation; economic impact; impact on future generations

  • 44% said they wanted the information from the Council and they wanted to know what the views of the Council are regarding the GDF for or against

In light of this several letters have been sent to Millom Town Council asking them to consider their position on the Partnership.

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Oct 20, 2022

An excellent survey but the results are tragic, once more recealing the load of anxiety imposed by the prospect of a GDF on the people who live in the targeted area. The fate of our magificent western fells and shores depends on this issue. Those who play with their future have a duty of care to follow the science.

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