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Documents For the "EXEMPT" Seismic Survey - No One Knows Anything So No One Cares?

The video relates to the Wild Coast of South Africa and Shell's employment of Shearwater GeoServices, the same multi-national company employed by Nuclear Waste Services to airgun blast the Irish Sea to test it out for a deep hot nuclear dump. Here in Cumbria do we value the Irish Sea less than South Africans value their Wild Coast? Do we????? Or is it because this Seismic Testing is for a "Community Partnership" (Yeah right!!!) Sub-Sea Nuclear Waste Dump that it is ok to be rubber stamped by all the complicit regulators who are working for UK Government ?? What do we do - roll over and let this happen? The Coal Boss Mark Kirkbride is advising Government on the Deep Sub-Sea Nuclear Dump Plans. We will say it again ....the Coal mine overlaps the Nuclear dump plans. Is anyone out there listening? Documents have been obtained by Lakes Against Nuclear Dump - they are nigh on impossible to access in the public domain so we are posting them here. This is shocking - the Seismic Survey has been given an "Exemption" from the Marine Management Organisation who have voiced some little concern but rolled over and rubber-stamped Nuclear Waste Services plan to airgun blast the Irish Sea for four weeks in July. This must be stopped. How is another matter, given the vested interests of Government and nuclear complicity of those who should be shouting the loudest. Please do have a look at these shocking docments and Help Us Stop this terrible plan by spreading the word that this Seismic Survey is WRONG. DOCUMENTS EXE_2022_00048-Copeland - Notification of Geophysical Survey Appendices A to F-3.pdf GDF - Notification of Marine geophysical survey - February 2022 - Nuclear Waste Services Marine Management - Nuclear Waste Services 'Exemption Journey"

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