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Drigg is Being Prepped for a New Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste Dump - "Community Partnership" ??

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

A letter sent today to the "Community Partnership" in the area where "exploratory" boreholes have already been drilled for "Near Surface Disposal" of Intermediate Level Wastes. For those who remember 25 years ago the plan to dump Intermediate Level Wastes deep underground in a Geological Disposal Facility was deemed too dangerous in Cumbria's complex geology. Now the plan is to dump Intermediate Level Wastes into not so deep dumps - meaning the wastes would leak to the surface even faster than in the rejected NIREX plan of 25 years ago. The Low Level Waste Repository at Drigg is being prepped.

Dear Copeland Councillors and Members of the Community Partnership

From March 7th you will be hosting a series of "drop ins" to justify taking part in the 'search' for the siting of a Geological Disposal Facility of High Level Nuclear Wastes to your constituents. Your constituents are however not being told of the "tandem" plan to "co-locate" a Near Surface Disposal Facility for Intermediate Level Nuclear Wastes which would be fully delivered in 10 years ie within the lifetimes of many of the people within the Partnership.

We note that the name of the Partnership has been changed since the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely days from "Community Siting Partnership" to the more vague sounding "Community Partnership."

There is however nothing vague about the reality of what is happening, rather an ongoing "sin of omission" of the facts as they are unfolding on the ground.

It is beholden on the Community (Siting) Partnership, having taken this step towards the deep (and not to deep) burial of nuclear wastes, to allow the public access to dissenting voices whose aim is to inform the public of facts that are being witheld.

If we were to use the language of Extinction Rebellion we would demand that our literature be displayed at the "drop in" events.

However we are not Extinction Rebellion so we are asking that you allow our literature to be displayed in prominence at the "drop in" events.

We urge you to print out and display at least one copy of the attached document for viewing at the drop ins :

Report: Nuclear Waste's Shifting Sands on the Lakeland Fringe

as well as one copy of the above document for public view at the "drop ins' we urge you to print out and display at least 100 A5 leaflets at each of the drop in events for people to take away. The leaflets are produced in a handy A4 format for you to print out 50 double sided copies and cut down the middle to produce 100 copies for each drop in - ie 250 double sided A4 cut down to 500 A5 leaflets. This humble ask is a drop in the ocean of the expense incurred by RWM to promote delivery of a GDF.

CONTENT of our literature

REPORT: 30 page report "Nuclear Waste’s Shifting Sands On the Lakeland Fringe.” The report outlines a “vision” to emplace Intermediate Level nuclear wastes 10s of metres below ground in the Drigg area on the fringe of the Lake District National Park. The report has been complied by Lakes Against Nuclear Dump, a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign following a request for assistance from very concerned residents in the Drigg area.


The leaflets include a map released to a Drigg resident under Freedom of Information showing the land newly leased to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority including the "protected" area of the Drigg dunes. The map also indicates the NDA's mine/mineral rights which extend to the Irish Sea. Sixteen Exploratory boreholes up to 120 metres depth have already been drilled under “permitted development” at the UKs “Low Level Waste Repository” in preliminary work to facilitate Near Surface Disposal of Intermediate Level wastes. The “Near Surface Disposal” for Intermediate Level Wastes would run “in tandem” with the Geological Disposal plan for High Level Nuclear Wastes. but would be “delivered” far earlier within 10 years. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have stated in their 2020 position paper on Near Surface Disposal that "The assessment of disposal costs has been made on the assumption that a nearer- surface disposal facility ..would be co-located with a GDF.” Lakes Against Nuclear Dump say that “Drigg would be the politically expedient choice for co-location given that the community has already been in receipt of decades worth of funding for the ongoing blight caused by hosting the Low Level Waste Repository.”

To repeat - we urge the Community (Siting) Partnership to include the L.A.N.D literature (attached) at the following "drop ins'

  • March 7: Gosforth Public Hall (9.30am-12pm); Beckermet Reading Rooms (1-4pm)

  • March 8: Seascale Library (9.30am-12pm); Haile Village Hall (1-4pm)

  • March 9: Beckermet Reading Rooms (9.30am-12pm); Drigg & Carleton Village Hall (1-4pm)

  • March 10: Gosforth Public Hall (9.30am-12pm); Seascale Library (1-4pm)

  • March 11: Drigg & Carleton Village Hall (9.30am-12pm); Calderbridge & Ponsonby Village Hall (1-4pm).

Thanking you in advance

Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Lakes Against Nuclear Dump - a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign


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