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Environment Agency Invite to Meet the Regulator and Ask ?s about Nuclear Dumping in Cumbria - but the EA will “choose the most relevant matters” !

Wierdly Cumbrian's have been sent a 'Meet the Regulator" for Hinkley and then been sent in reply an invitation to "Meet the Regulator" for Cumbria. As ever the questions are to be asked in advice and the EA will choose "the most relevant matters".

Irene Sanderson from CND Cumbria asked the following excellent questions regarding Hinkley and how nuclear new build would impact Cumbria with new nuclear wastes and produce materials to keep the military nuclear complex going:

Ongoing Pollution from 'Historic' Deep Mining in Whitehaven - photo taken 25th April 2024

"Thank you for informing me of the opportunity to drop-in to your proposed ‘Meet the regulator’ in-person engagement session in Bridgwater, Somerset. 

I live in Cumbria and Bridgewater is too far for me to attend, however I regard this project of building a new nuclear reactor, a matter of national importance. 

Here are the points I should like to discuss:

1 The nuclear waste Hinkley Point will generate

I see from the 6 May edition of the Daily Telegraph that there are plans to deal with the nuclear waste by digging a huge cavern under the Irish Sea. This attitude to nuclear waste, that it is something that may be squirrelled under the carpet for future generations to cope with, is a disgrace and indeed utterly immoral. And the first steps we must take are to stop making nuclear waste and stop making it now. 

2 Products for Nuclear weapons

We must wake this country up out of its 'nuclear dream' and face its nightmare, nuclear war. The nuclear bomb is the bedrock of Britain's security, an unethical and impossible threat that is dependent on the technology of the nuclear industry for its upkeep and development. So Hinkley Point will play its role in this as well as being essential in providing the raw ingredients for the nuclear warheads.

I look forward to hearing from you with your reply to the two points above.


Irene Sanderson

Cumbria and Lancashire CND

This is what Irene recieved in reply ...


Meet the regulator meeting

We are inviting you, and other Cumbrian stakeholders, to our regular engagement meeting with Environment Agency regulators and officers. We hold other bi-annual ‘meet the regulators’ engagement meetings around other nuclear sites. We held our most recent Cumbria ‘meet the regulators meeting’ on 19th October 2023.


These meetings will enable you to:

  • learn more about, and understand, nuclear regulation and our role – what we do and what we do not do

  • listen to our nuclear regulators’ updates on their work at Cumbrian nuclear sites, such as permit applications and information from the Radioactivity in food and the environment (RIFE) report - GOV.UK (

  • share your views and ask questions of our regulators, and receive answers

  • better understand how you can provide comments and views on our consultations

  • learn more about how we would regulate a geological disposal facility

  • understand how we are assessing new nuclear power station designs


This meeting will be run virtually using MS TEAMS, and will be held on Thursday 23 May from 3:30pm – 5:00pm.


Draft agenda and questions in advance

We’d like to hear from you about what you’d like to discuss at the meeting. Below is a draft outline agenda. Please let us know what you would like to cover in your RSVP response. We’ll review your responses and questions and set an agenda that seeks to cover the most relevant matters. It will also help us to make sure we have the most relevant staff members at the meeting to address those topics. You’ll also be able to ask questions in the meeting directly and via the ‘chat’ function in TEAMS.


•             Introductions

•             Updates on nuclear regulation at Cumbrian sites

•             Update on regulating geological disposal and our work with Community Partnerships

•             Assessing new nuclear power station designs

•             Subjects from stakeholders

•             Question and Answer session


Invited observers

We are also inviting representatives from Nuclear Waste Services, Sellafield and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to attend as observers, depending on the subject matter. If you have any concerns about this please let us know and we will reconsider this option.



We hope that you will be able to join us at this meeting. Please RVSP to this email by Monday 20th May 2024 to:


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