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Excellent Letter to Michael Gove, Communities Secretary

Tell Michael Gove to Scrap the plans for Seismic testing of the Irish Sea for a deep hot Nuclear Dump. Please do use the excellent letter below from a former employee of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (now Sellafield/Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) as inspiration to send your own letter to Michael Gove, Communities Secretary (copy to your MP and Councillors).

Michael Gove - image :


Sent: Monday, 16 May, 2022 At 23:42

Subject: To Communities Secretary, Michael Gove. MP.

Dear Sir, Thank you so much for creating the Irish Sea Marine Conservation Zone. it is very important to protect the animals and fish that use this area as their home. I am concerned however about what is going to be happening in the Irish Sea with something the people in this area, of West Cumbria, were never consulted about or informed of; the seismic testing for delivery of sub-sea nuclear vaults under the Irish Sea, where a ship in the Irish Sea will fire blasts of sound from air guns every ten seconds for four weeks or more. As far as I understand, the sound penetrates deep under the ocean floor to relay information about the geology. A lot of these creatures whose habitat is in this area could be damaged forever. I believe the effects from the blasting can cause deafness, impair ability to navigate and to find food for creatures like whales, dolphins and seals. Is it worth destroying the habitat of these creatures, damaging their way of life, when nuclear waste is far safer stored above ground where it can be monitored properly for the generations in the future.

I worked for BNFL and we were promised that we would not become the nuclear dump for the UK or the world. If we are to become a nuclear dump here in West Cumbria, without consultation, I would certainly prefer it be stored above ground where it can be monitored properly. It would be a neglection of our duty to future generations to bury this highly radioactive material underground where it will not be monitored and over time where it can through deterioration, end up seeping into the sea.

We are trying to clean up our act as it is, for the benefit of future generations, as we are trying to clear our debts so that our children do not have to pay our debts, well we have a more deadly debt we should be more careful with, the threat - the deadly threat of nuclear waste leakage to our children and to the environment which we seem to be hell bent on destroying. You are trying to help the environment which you should be praised for - - - but you need to be aware, and do more, sir. S. C.

(full name provided)

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