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Great British Nuclear Requires Great British Big Hole to Dump Great British Hot Radioactive Waste

The Government's optimistic newly branded 'Great British Nuclear' requires a big hole to get shot of the existing and planned future nuclear wastes. A more accurate label would be 'Great British Nuclear Scam'. Government is being helped enormously in its nuclear ambitions from all angles including the cheery climate guru Mike Berners Lee who is a nuclear apologist dishonestly telling climate activists that the UK needs 'a little bit of nuclear' - an intelligent man is Mike a research fellow at Lancaster University who must surely know that there is no such thing as a "little bit of nuclear" with the industry requiring massive economies of scale to fund all aspects of its toxic and radioactive footprint - including monies to splash on new nuclear research funding at Lancaster Uni which takes funding away from genuine renewable industries.

The nuclear industry was founded on lies and hubris and this long tradition continues today. Sky News recently interviewed a rather fizzingly nuclear enthusiastic "farmer' at Seascale who is in favour of digging a big hole under the Irish Sea in which to dump literally very hot (100 degrees c or more) nuclear wastes. What Sky News have omitted to mention is that the "farmer" is the nuclear councillor who not only put his area forward for a very deep and very hot nuclear waste dump but is also in reciept of upwards of tens of thousands in monies from the nuclear industry for services rendered over years of faithful service. This blind nuclear faithfulness is made all the more remarkable given that the Moore family farm actually became uneconomic as a result of the nuclear industry's ruthless drive to take over by compulsory purchase the once clean and fertile farm land in the area.

Screenshot below from: Sellafield and British Nuclear Culture, 1945-1992: Nuclear Imaginaries in the Rural Periphery. Thesis submitted in accordance with the requirements of the University of Liverpool for the degree of Doctor in Philosophy by Harry Roberts. May 2021

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