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Marine Life Says NO to Nuclear Dump

There are a couple more days (up till 24th May) left to get your objections in to the Government's nuclear dumping plans - the email to send your message to (please include your name and address) is

Regarding the consultation "Policy proposals for managing radioactive substances and nuclear decommissioning" in which plans are outlined for sub-sea disposal of high level radioactive wastes.   The following images are sent on behalf of the voiceless marine life which has already been impacted by aggressive (every five seconds in August 2022) seismic blasting in order to "investigate" the already known to be highly complex geology of the Lake District Coast and sub-sea area towards the Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland.   No consent has been given for the seismic blasting from the public or the voiceless marine life.  The whale, the dolphin, the starfish, the black guillemot, the sandeel and all living things do not consent to a deep hot nuclear dump under the Irish Sea.  


on behalf of Marine Life of the Irish Sea

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Renée Kern
Renée Kern
23 de mai. de 2023

To use our seas as a convenient dustbin for nuclear waste is not at all acceptable. It will, without doubt, cause hard, unfixable problems for centuries to come. Sea foods will definitely be off the table.

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