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Marine Management Organisation Delay Answering Questions About Seismic Survey

Just recieved this off the Marine Management Organisation. Very bad form that they are dealing with it under Freedom of Information - it was a straightforward request for information about the seismic testing plans for July/August that should be in the public domain already.

Also just had a phone call from the BBC wanting to talk about the coal mine (our campaign to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole was the first to oppose the mine). I said we would be happy to talk about the coal boss being appointed to government advisor for the deep nuclear dump plans and being given a coal authority licence for an area with no known coal resource - funnily enough say they didn't want to talk about that or the blatant cronyism. We need to talk about the coal mine boss and the nuclear dump but no one is prepared to do it, it seems. Meantime the plans steam along to get one or more nuclear dumps embedded and it is more than likely that the coal boss has advised Nuclear Waste Services to carry out seismic testing in the Irish Sea, and to do it without any public scrutiny.....

------- Original Message ------- On Thursday, May 5th, 2022 at 11:54, SM-MMO-MMO Access to Information <> wrote: Dear Ms Birkby, Thank you for your request for information about a wildlife licence application, which we received on 25 April 2022. We are dealing with your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and/or Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIRs) As required by the legislation, we aim to answer your request as soon as possible and in any event within 20 working days from the date we received it (i.e. by ). If for any reason we are unable to meet this deadline, we will keep you fully informed of the reasons for this. If you require any further advice or assistance, please contact me in the first instance. Kind regards, Susan Davidson Communications Assistant | Marine Management Organisation +Lancaster House | Hampshire Court | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE4 7YH || (0208 026 5501 | Our MMO Values: Together we are Accountable, Innovative, Engaging and Inclusive WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTube From: Wastwater <> Sent: 24 April 2022 15:25 To: SM-MMO-MMO Conservation <> Subject: Seismic Survey in the Irish Sea Dear MMO Shearwater Geoservices have been employed by RWM/Nuclear Waste Services (we assume on the advice of CoRWM member Mark Kirkbride) to carry out a seismic survey using airguns for four weeks or more in the Irish Sea off the coast of Copeland, Cumbria. I can see no marine licene application, wildlife licence application or marine licence exemption relating to this proposed invasive work. The "community partnership" website of Mid-Copeland says the work will be carried out in July/August - has the operator been granted a marine licence exemption? If so what are the grounds for the exemption? If not I would like to have sight of the Marine Licence and Wildlife Licence applications and approvals and Environmental Impact Survey Thank you yours sincerely Marianne Birkby Radiation Free Lakeland

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