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A new report has been produced by Lakes Against Nuclear Dump. "Nuclear Waste’s Shifting Sands On the Lakeland Fringe” outlines a “vision” to emplace Intermediate Level nuclear wastes 10s of metres below ground in the Drigg area on the fringe of the Lake District National Park. The “vision” from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and its advisors at the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management would see Intermediate Level Nuclear waste buried in silos in “Near Surface Disposal.”

Sixteen Exploratory boreholes up to 120 metres depth have already been drilled under “permitted development” at the UKs “Low Level Waste Repository” to explore the feasibility of Near Surface Disposal of Intermediate Level wastes. The “Near Surface Disposal” for Intermediate Level Wastes would run “in tandem” with the Geological Disposal plan for High Level Nuclear Wastes. but would be “delivered” far earlier within 10 years. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have stated in their 2020 position paper on Near Surface Disposal that "The assessment of disposal costs has been made on the assumption that a nearer- surface disposal facility ..would be co-located with a GDF.” Lakes Against Nuclear Dump say that “Drigg would be the politically expedient choice for co-location given that the community has already been in receipt of decades worth of funding for the ongoing blight caused by hosting the Low Level Waste Repository.”

The L.A.N.D report includes an advert featured in the Cumbria Life magazine of 1993 for the “Sellafield Repository” under the NIREX plan. NIREX was a forerunner of Radioactive Waste Management who are under the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. The 1993 advert states that NIREX's Geological Disposal Facility plan was for “Intermediate and some Low Level wastes.”

Lakes Against Nuclear dump say that "In a mission creep operation the vision now is to divert much of the intermediate Level Wastes to Near Surface Disposal thus freeing more space in a GDF for High Level Wastes. The NIREX plan never included High Level Nuclear Wastes. Cumbria is being stitched up big time to accept much more dangerous nuclear dump plans than that rejected by Public Inquiry in 1997. The only way to resist this mission creep is for the members of the so-called Geological Disposal Community Partnership to withdraw now.”

This report draws together our findings to date and been sent to Allerdale and Copeland Borough Councillors.


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