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New Scientist Host Same Old Nuclear Spin from Same Old Nuclear Players - this was not a "Debate"

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

New Scientist Host Same Old Nuclear Spin from Same Old Nuclear Players

This is a message from New Scientist "I hope you enjoyed watching the New Scientist event New Scientist Debate: The UK’s nuclear waste and the geological solution yesterday. An on-demand recording of the event is now available to watch by clicking here. Please note that the on-demand version will be available for 12 months. We would love to hear your feedback on this event. If you haven’t already completed the form and can spare a few minutes, please could you complete our short feedback form."

So, initial feedback is - our questions were not answered (see previous two block posts) and this was less a "debate" and more of a greenwashing PR stunt for the nuclear industry and the vested interests who want to get shot of nuclear wastes. The Chief Scientific Advisor at Radioactive Waste Managment Cherry Tweed told people to check out the Nuclear Train Crash video on YouTube which proved just how safe transports of spent nuclear fuel have been over the years. So I did just that and found the expose by comedian Mark Thomas from way back. I had forgotten just how good a job Mark Thomas did of pulling apart the ludicrous "safety case" regarding nuclear transports.

Here it is

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