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Save Sizewell Beach

Below is a call out from Nuclear Free Local Authorities giving people the opportunity to "Save Sizewell Beach" from the nuclear industry's diabolic plans

NFLA Media Release 19 May 2024


NFLAs call on Suffolk County Council to Save Sizewell Beach


The NFLAs have rallied once more in support of campaigners opposed to monstrous plans to build the Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk.


This time we have objected to an application by Sizewell C to Suffolk County Council (SCC) to approve plans to divert the coastal footpath on Sizewell beach, ahead of the installation of a huge sheet pile temporary sea defence.


Time is of the essence as the deadline for objections is 22 May.


The NFLAs would urge anyone who objects to the construction of Sizewell C to register a similar objection and our letter – which could be a template – is reproduced below.


Maps and plans for the diverted coastal footpaths are on SCC's website at


(accept the terms to continue).


Plans and current objections are under Documents. 


To make an objection go to:



and have your say by clicking Comment on this application and selecting Objection.










Ends…For more information please contact Richard Outram, NFLA Secretary, by email to


The objection to the planning application reads:


Objection to planning application no. SCC/0045/24/DOR


Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station


The Sizewell C (Nuclear Generating Station) Order 2022 Development Consent Order (DCO) Requirement 10 - Project wide: Public rights of way

Dear Suffolk CC colleagues,

As Secretary of the UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities, I wish to register our objections to the deplorable application made by Sizewell C to divert the coastal footpath on Sizewell beach, ahead of the installation of a huge sheet pile temporary sea defence.

This action will lead to the loss of so much of this treasured beach on the Suffolk heritage coast. It is a precursor in miniature of the enormous and irreparable damage to the natural environment that will result from the construction of this costly, contaminating, unnecessary and unwanted nuclear power station, and a further demonstration of the arrogance of the applicant who appears intent upon riding roughshod over the rights of residents to enjoy the amenity of the beach.

This proposal will mean that the coastal footpath will be moved considerably seaward of its existing position. At the southern end, it will go right out onto the vegetated shingle. This is because Sizewell C's proposed sea defences bulge out hugely at this point.


The action of Sizewell C will result in many undesirable consequences:

  • The new, temporary, path will be only 1.5m wide, which is not wide enough for Park Run to use safely; this must be addressed urgently.

  • The vegetated shingle must be conserved as much as possible as it is rare habitat.

  • Further north the diversion will follow the crest of the low dunes. This area is vulnerable to erosion and there has been considerable retreat last winter.

  • The character of the beach will change entirely, with huge "no go" areas and an unsightly sheet pile wall (the temporary sea defence).

  • Further diversions will be required as and when the beach landing facility and temporary jetty were built.

  • The path will need to be closed altogether during certain periods of construction and in its new position is more vulnerable to closure due to high tides and storm surges.

In short, the applicant’s proposal will lead to a huge loss of amenity for local people. It is unacceptable.


Closures must be kept to an absolute minimum; the path must be safe, and the needs of the ParkRun must be accommodated.


Kind Regards

Richard Outram, Secretary, UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities







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Stop Sizewell in East Anglia. It has no place there or anywhere else.

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