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Seismic Blasting of the Irish Sea? Join Marine Expert Tim Deere-Jones for an informal talk

Join Marine Expert Tim Deere-Jones in an informal talk with Q&A session.

Tim will be giving a summary of his Review of Nuclear Waste Services plan to carry out Seismic Blasting of Irish Sea in order to facilitate a deep Geological Disposal Facility for heat generating Nuclear wastes. Tim will be running through the major conclusions of his report and there will be a chance for questions.

Wednesday Jun 29, 2022

07:30 PM - duration approx 1 hour

For a Link To Join the Zoom Meeting

Please Email with the word ... Talk.... in the subject heading

This is an issue of huge concern as todays article by Charlie Jaay in Euronews.Green has revealed:

"A new report delivers a damning verdict on the proposed seismic blasting in the Irish Sea.

The UK government’s Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) is set to carry out seismic surveys off the Cumbrian Coast between July and August this year.

They are looking for a place to dispose of the waste produced by Britain’s nuclear reactors.

The report, commissioned by Radiation Free Lakeland, calls for these plans to be postponed, claiming the impact assessment by NWS is "deeply inadequate" and "lacking in appropriate scientific and academic rigour".

What is seismic blasting?

Seismic blasting is a process that allows scientists to find out more about the geography of the sea bed. Loud, repetitive blasts of sound are produced from an underwater airgun - like a powerful horn - and their echoes are measured to map the underwater rocks....."

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