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Star Wars Day - Cumbria in Grip of The Empire While Lincolnshire Fights Back

The following is from our colleagues at Guardians of the East Coast - CONGRATULATIONS to them on their magnificent fight against the Empire aka Nuclear Waste Services. Poor Cumbria is the line of least resistance - there is resistance - but there needs to be much much more!! Come on Cumbria!

Lincolnshire Wins! = Cumbria Loses? (unless...) Come On Cumbria!!

No Nuclear Dump ANYWHERE

Guardians of the East Coast - May Newsletter The Force was with us on Star wars day

Anti-dump candidates sweep the board in fourth of May Elections

Candidates opposed to the siting of a Nuclear Waste facility on the border of Mablethorpe and Theddlethorpe not only took control of all the parish councils in the search area but also took all of the allocated seats on the district council, plus two seats in Sutton on Sea. Turnout was high for a local election. In Theddlethorpe and Withern 39.6% of those eligible to vote did so and more than seventy per cent of the voted for Travis Hesketh (pictured) In Sutton on Sea, Where one Green and one independent anti dump candidates overturned a Conservative majority, the turnout topped forty per cent.

The myth of the willing community

With such an overwhelming result we wrote to the leaders of both Lincolnshire County Council and East Lyndsey District Council demanding that they honour the people's decision and withdraw from the so-called, Community Partnership. We await their decision. However, NWS has spoken to the press and intend to ignore the result. That makes the second "Test Of Public Support " they have chosen to ignore. The first, a survey carried out by Theddlethorpe Residents Association, showed 85% against with a turnout of 56%.

We see a pattern emerging here. No matter what form the Test of Support takes NWS will refuse to accept the result unless it is the result they want. From Day one they have said that they will only locate it in a willing community. They have had two years to convince us that accepting their site would be a good thing. Because they have failed to convince anyone they refuse to accept the result. Do they want us to wait until they have destroyed our tourism economy before having a vote that they might accept?

Lincolnshire has shown that they are not a willing community. Now it is time for them to pack their bags and go.

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