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Tens of Thousands of Signatures Smugly Airbrushed Away by Four People.

The Four people in question are the four members of Copeland Borough Council's Executive Committee led by Mayor Starkie and Deputy Mayor David Moore- both of whom are very keen to tell the world that Copeland is the most "nuclear savvy" Borough in the UK. There is a school of thought that just maybe they mean "nuclear saps" who will accept any nuclear developments whatever the real costs. The Executive Committee does not represent the view of Borough Councillors never mind the wider public (neither of whom were asked if they wanted to join in the GDF Partnership and carry out invasive tests in order to Deliver a deep hot sub-sea nuclear dump).

If the meeting today is a taste of the tricksy "test of support" for a deep nuclear waste dump then Cumbria, our neighbours across the sea and marine life is in deep trouble.

Folk from Cumbria gathered today outside the Copeland Centre in Whitehaven to make a statement and present the additional tens of thousands of signatures to the petition.

There was singing and kindred thoughts sent out to the marine life of the Irish Sea. Marine life which is seen as so much collateral damage in order to deliver the first salvo in the new nuclear waste war on the ocean cradling the Cumberland Coast.

If unchecked, unresisted, unstopped this will end with a deep

hot festering bubbling nuclear dump under the Irish Sea bed.

The meeting can be heard here :


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What you throw out of the kitchen window, tends to come back in through the kitchen door. That is the way of the world, and applies to all aspects of the environment. Fools who think that they can use science and technology to get around the inescapable fact that we live in a finite world, with consiquences for every action are in a state of hubristic denial. They think they can control every aspect of their own little specialisations, but they don't see the bigger implications, time, natural fources, the ever underestimated and unexpected event. The gambler never really gets their head around the posible consiquences of loosing the bet. Unfortunately our current economic system is run on gambles, glossy…

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