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The Nuclear Dumpsters are in Millom on the Edge of the Lake District

Today in Millom, at the edge of the Lake District on the Duddon Estuary, the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership aka Nuclear Dumpsters are in town.

Locals have been going along to ask questions of the "Community Partnership experts"

The following are the questions from a Millom resident and the replies by those promoting a Geological Disposal Facility for Heat Generating Nuclear Wastes.

1. The waste that you are planning to store is highly dangerous - much more so than is already stored at Sellafield/Drigg is that correct? A: it will be the same as is already there.

2. Where will it come from? A: at the moment from all over Britain and abroad. Extra Question: Will it be the same if we have it here? A: Not get stuff from abroad but will get all of the stuff from the 20 sites across the UK.

4. How will it get here? A: same way as they do now, by train.

5. Are the Seismic surveys dangerous to marine life? A: Cannot guarantee they won't be but trying to reduce the damage as much as possible. He pointed out gas and oil companies been doing similar surveys around UK for many, many, years. Q: So why do we only know about the dangers now? A: couldn't answer so I answered it for him: Because we are only just discovering how dangerous they are for marine life.

6. Why are you not consulting with the local population about the seismic surveys? A: Do not have to. We are here talking to you now, gas and oil companies do not, we are doing it properly! Have consulted marine bodies who say ok (they are part of government - me, laughter!)

7. Is the sea around here radioactive? A. Quite an emphatic NO!

The compliance of Copeland Borough Council in signing up West Cumbrian towns and villages to the GDF plan (there was no vote) has "given access to £1million Community Investment Funding per year from the GDF programme as conversations continue around the opportunity to host a facility locally."

The project to benefit from the first round of funding was Millom Cricket Club, receiving £31,236 to make improvements to the clubhouse and facilities. Is that cricket - or is it a big fat bribe using public money to buy the silence of those benefitting from the bungs?

Other "Community Partnership" events scheduled for Millom as follows: Exhibition events will take place: Friday 17th June, 11am-7pm. The Tin Chapel, Mainsgate Rd, Millom, LA18 4JZ Saturday 18th June, 11am-5pm. The Tin Chapel, Mainsgate Rd, Millom, LA18 4JZ Friday 24th June, 11am-7pm. The Lighthouse Centre, Atkinson St, Haverigg, Millom, LA18 4HA Saturday 25th June, 11am-5pm. The Lighthouse Centre, Atkinson St, Haverigg, Millom, LA18 4HA

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