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At the latest Millom GDF "Community Partnership" events the social anthropologist and deputy Chair of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management Professor Penny Harvey was there on behalf of the UK Government to observe and analyse in detail the reactions of the local people attending the "Events."

This gives the lie to the "Community Partnership" being any kind of a mutual partnership based on trust and honesty. One of Professor Harvey's colleagues is Mark Kirkbride, CEO of the notorious plan for a new subsea coal mine. Kirkbride is advising UK Government on the digging of one or more big holes in which to dump heat generating nuclear wastes. It is more than likely that Mark Kirkbride has had a hand in advising on how to achieve the seismic testing planned in a few weeks time with minimal scrutiny. The UK Government is due to make a decision on his "carbon neutral" sub-sea coal mine any day. The seismic testing area just happens to overlap the coal mine area.

Local people are realising the awful truth about this "Partnership."

Millom and District are joining with others accross Cumbria and the UK and mobilising against the Geological Disposal Facility (Nuclear Dump) plan. A new group has formed to protect the coastal fringe of Cumbria from a GDF - Millom and District Against the Nuclear Dump. The Rocks Have Spoken - and not for the first time!

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