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This Tuesday Copeland Borough Council Executive of five people will discuss Petition of over 48,000

On Tues 12th July the handful of people on the Executive of Copeland Borough Council will discuss the Petition of over 48,000 signatures to Save the Whale and the Snail and stop Nuclear Waste Services Seismic Blasting of the Irish Sea. The full council has never had a vote on the seismic blasting - or joining the Partnership (Nuclear Waste Services and Radioactive Waste Management Ltd) who ordered the testing.

Join us in a Demo outside the Copeland Centre, Catherine St, Whitehaven CA28 7SJ from 9am

We have the opportunity to speak to the Council executive for 5 minutes about the petition. There will be a demonstration ahead of the meeting from 9am – the more visible opposition to this terrible plan the better.

The seismic blasting would take place 24/7 they previously said 3-4 weeks – Nuclear Waste Services are now telling concerned Parish councils it would “just” be one week (!?) This would be the start of the onslaught on the Irish Sea in order to deliver a deep hot nuclear dump.

Bring Banners – Bring Music – Bring Yourselves and lets show Resistance!

The demo starts at 9am – the council meeting starts at 10am

more info: Following Seismic blasting – next would come deep exploratory boreholes and we suspect that the “Partnership” of Copeland Borough Council and Nuclear Waste Services would again apply for an Exemption – meaning that the boreholes like the seismic survey would not be subject to the regulatory process . There would be no Environmental Impact Assessments or public consultation for the deep boreholes if the same method of “exemption” is applied.

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