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TWEET the Seismic Blasters

On 1st August 2022 Nuclear Waste Services will ignore the advice of scientists, national and local organisations and the voices of over 50,000 people. They will ride roughshod over public opinion and the welfare of marine life in order to carry out seismic blasting for 20 days or more in the Irish Sea off the coast of West Cumbria.


To test the geology for emplacement of a deep, very hot and very dirty nuclear dump.

Those complicit in the plan include the Marine Management Organisation, Natural England and also Copeland Borough Council who are in "partnership" with Nuclear Waste Services and Radioactive Waste Management Ltd. Nuclear Waste Services are advised by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM). CoRWM are advised on Geological Disposal Facility "investigation techniques" by the boss of the planned Cumbria Coal Mine - Mark Kirkbride.

There has been no public consultation or vote by councillors (only four people on Copeland Borough Council agreed the decision)

Tweet the "Partners" in this criminal act to tell them that it is being carried out without your consent : Stop Seismic Blasting for Deep Hot Nuclear Dump Under Irish Sea- Not in My Name @Nuclear_WS @copelandbc @rwm_gdf_uk @NaturalEngland @CoRWM #GDFOFF #StopSeismicBlasting #IrishSea #Cumbria

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