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Westinghouse's "CLEAN" Radioactive Fraud

We have sent complaints previously to the Advertising Standards Authority regarding the "CLEAN" claims made by the nuclear industry but have been brushed off with a "its not a paid advert" reply.

This time the "CLEAN" claim is a paid advert.

This below is the advert from Westinghouse Electric Company in the News and Star facebook notifications. Please do join in complaining about this or the nuclear industry (and our pronuclear government) will continue to get away with branding the nuclear industry as "CLEAN."

We have written a complaint to the News and Star who have brushed us off "If you believe an advertiser has breached a provision of the Code of Advertising Practice, you are as you say, entitled to raise the issue with the Advertising Standards Authority. "

The more people who write to the ASA about the nuclear industry's dangerous rebranding as CLEAN the better chance future generations have of protecting themselves from RADIOACTIVE wastes.

This is our complaint:

Radiation Free Lakeland are a volunteer nuclear safety group in Cumbria we vehemently object to the advert in the News and Star for Westinghouse Electric Company in Lancashire who claim to be "shaping the future of clean energy in the UK." This is blatant greenwashing of an industry that is hoping Cumbria will prove to be the line of least resistance to the dumping of very hot high level nuclear wastes deep under the Irish Sea and the dumping of not so deep intermediate level wastes under the Lake District Coast (Drigg LLWR has already had boreholes drilled to "explore" this scenario) . It is the industry that requires chemicals in profligate quantities - the tanker of nitric acid that overturned recently on a West Cumbrian road was on its way to Sellafield.

Westinghouse are teaming up with another (largely US govnt sponsored company) to import European radioactive wastes to the UK and incinerate them at the Preston, Westinghouse site. At no point in the nuclear fuel cycle is it clean despite its claims to be a "solution" to climate change. The nuclear waste industry per year emit (using their conservative accounting) far more CO2(e) than the proposed Cumbrian coal mine would do "Using Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology, the total NDA group carbon footprint for 2019/20 is 1,046,950 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)" NDA Sustainability Report

The routine and accidental radioactive and chemical emissions to the environment are profligate and a real and present danger to all life on planet earth.

It is dangerous to this and to future generations to call nuclear "clean" when the wastes (especially high level wastes) have to be kept separate from the biosphere on a time scale out of all human understanding. At no point in the nuclear fuel journey from mining to waste is the industry "clean". The ASA must urgently reclaim the word "clean" from the nuclear industry or future generations will not be equipped with the future language to protect themselves - CLEAN will come to mean:


Land and the

Earth is



European Nuclear Waste planned to be incinerated in the North West. -

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