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Whale Beached -Whitehaven Art Installation Could Become Reality Courtesy of Nuclear Waste Services?

Photo - BBC

A Hyper-Real Beached Whale has been "washed up" at Whitehaven Harbour.

The aim of the art installation is to generate debate about man-made impacts on marine-life.

The most serious threat to the marine life of the Irish Sea is the plan to emplace the UKs (and much of the worlds) very hot nuclear wastes deep beneath the Irish Sea bed. This would literally heat up the seabed and the sea, while polluting the Irish Sea with ever more radioactive wastes. The planned seismic testing this summer is the first step in this plan. The seismic testing itself would deafen and damage marine wildlife from minke whales to plankton.

The art installation will be at Whitehaven until Saturday.

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May 27, 2022

Join Us on the 9th June in Whitehaven at the Harbour 1pm -2pm to make sure this never happens.....

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