To: Prime Minister of the UK

Stop "Delivery" of a Geological Nuclear Dump Under the Irish Sea or Anywhere Else.  

Instead of bribing communities with £Millions to accept the plan to dump many decades worth of hot, high level nuclear wastes deep underground, we ask that you stop the production of ever more dangerous radioactive wastes, place a moratorium on the GDF “Delivery” plans and put all effort into containment ( not "disposal"),  above ground where the waste can be monitored and repackaged as necessary. Continuing with an aggressive and scientifically inadequate push for “Delivery of a Geological Disposal Facility” merely in order to justify a new nuclear build agenda is the wrong thing to do. 

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Isle of Man Examiner Nuclear Waste Under


A nuclear dump is dangerous & unwanted. You have a duty to protect the public



We DO NOT want a nuclear waste dump in Cumbria

Catherine Burman

We do not consent to being poisoned, now and never. Universal law 'do no harm' applies to everything currently been done to the human race - we consent to none of it. Time to clean up the act, not dump the waste in the sea. How could you even consider it? Money talks, but the planet is more important!!!

N Barnwood

We don't need anymore nuclear dumps in Cumbria or anywhere

 Gillian Obrien


Please do not dump this waste under the Irish Sea.

Cat Bezzant


Place a moratorium on the GDF "delivery" plans now!! Why are you allowing us to be poisoned?

Liz Connor


The only thing driving this proposal is desperation and greed, there will be no consideration given to the people who will be living here when we are all gone, our legacy to future generations will be a toxic time bomb sitting beneath Cumbria unless we all do the right thing and  refuse any bribes to have this nightmare delivered on our doorsteps.  The working group is nothing more than a bunch of fraudsters trying to deceive and convince  local communities that having highly toxic radioactive waste burried near them is a good thing to have,  they are treating us as if we are stupid and ignorant because of where we live.

Roy Oxlade



 do not dump nuclear waste anywhere you would not like it dumped in your garden its dangero

T Nicholson


 The seismic activity that could be induced by deep drilling below the seabed is in itself a huge risk. Not to mention 70 years' worth of radioactive elements on and beneath the seabed which would be disturbed. Hasn't this beautiful part of the Cumbrian coast endured enough in the past 70 years? To even consider such a proposal is nothing less than criminal. NO DEEP GEOLOGICAL DISPOSAL ANYWHERE IN THE UK!

Brett and Paula johnson



No poison near our homes

Peter Maginess



Luke McArdle


Money before people's health.

Patrick Kearns


Don’t let this happen.

Carl Parker


It is time to stop all activities based on nuclear fission and fusion. The world is not a threat to us so "defence" is no longer justification. It is the MOD who are creating the very real threat to the very people it serves. I do not consent to the nuclear industry in its entirety.

The industry has repeatedly demonstrated it's incompetence in strategic short-, medium- and long-term planning. Suppliers within the industry have shown to be lacking in integrity, transparency, honesty and in capability, mirroring those traits of the organisations contracting them.

The problem of waste is not a new one, in fact it is a 70 year old problem and still no-one in the world has created a solution for making safe the high level waste, or in fact, any waste.

It is time for the British government to prove their competence and integrity and courage to halt all developments that will further increase the waste stockpile and to hold their hand up and work WITH the people, not AGAINST them.

Too many experts who have invaluable input to a way forward have been silenced and ignored. It is time for change. Throw out the old plans and start afresh and make decisions the right decisions for the future of the world as we do not need or want transportation of this highly dangerous waste across our seas or over our lands.

MONEY is NOT important when LIFE has been DESTROYED.

Christine Gibson


No toxic mining no dumping of nuclear waste. End nuclear production.

Marella Fyffe


WAKE UP!!!!!

Rebecca Freiesleben


All UK nuclear waste must be sent to Sellafield to be immobilised on site for near surface storage.

Jo Brown


We need safe, monitored accessable containment of nuclear waste.

Allan Jeffery

 If you don't want nuclear waste buried in Westminster it's not ok to bury it anywhere. With a half life of thousands of years what a dangerous legacy is left for future generations. Don't do it..

Sarah Atkinson


Stop making nuclear waste !!  Do NOT KILL our Ocean  !!!

Don't buy the nuclear LIE

Anita Minton


The site is adjacent to beach sand dunes and nature reserve. It is by nature an unstable site and is miles from quarries etc which would supply materials, neither are the roads suitable.

Chris Clarges

It is beyond egregious that anyone would consider even more dumping of nuclear waste in our seas STOP it now or face the consequences does this government and agencies pushing this think they won't be harmed

Liz Douglas

Find a better solution. Not in our beautiful areas.

 Catherine Sweeney


No nuke dump on lincs coast or anywhere in Lincolnshire!  There are no advantages to locals, businesses or house prices!! Put it on your own doorstep! Wouldn’t do that would you!! We don’t want any nuke waste buried anywhere in Lincolnshire!!!  Lincolnshire farms much of the crops, has local rare species from natterjack toads, seals and rare plants let alone many businesses and unspoilt areas of beauty! I and many others are totally against your proposals to put a nuke dump site on our Lincs coast!

Karen wilson

Dear Prime Minister

Would you want this next to your home ? I presume the answer is no. So why are you putting it near mine ?

Caroline Howland


No Nuclear Waste dump here. Kicking a bit of soil over the problem isn't the answer.  If we can't dispose of it properly. why are we continuing to create it in the first place.

Sharon Jarvis

This goes for the whole country including Lincolnshire

Sarah Bright

No nuclear dumps here

Richard Wells

Don't dump nuclear waste anywhere

Deborah Turner


Why make waste in the first place ?

Helen Paling

Dumping is never the answer . Science needs to be listened to and heeded .

Katherine Barker

A proposed site in Lincolnshire is not wanted by the community or any uk community STOP this now.

Marion Skidmore

 No dumping of nuclear waste anywhere in the UK below ground

 Antony Kidger

This can not happen putting communities lives at risk it needs to stop

Julia Wheatley


This coast is on the edge of the Lake District National Park and is beautiful, uncommercial and a haven for wildlife. At a time when so much of the natural world is being destroyed, this area should be treasured, not the site of a high level waste nuclear dump.

Betina Mitchell

No nuclear waste under the Irish sea please, or anywhere else!

Pam Williams


No radioactive dumping please

Timothy Richards

Cumbria deserves more than being a nuclear dumping ground.

Cathy Grout

Nuclear is not the future, and putting radioactive waste in underground storage is just leaving future generations a nasty legacy that they will not thank us for and offering communities bribes has to be borderline corruption.

Roy Oxlade


FACT: Lake District geology is unsuitable for nuclear storage/waste. Proven by geological experts over several years.

John Williams


Several investigations have been carried out by eminent Geologists concerning the suitability of Cumbria for the burying of nuclear waste.  On each occasion the geology of Cumbria has been found to be wholly unsuitable for the burial of such highly toxic waste. No matter how many investigations are carried out the geology cannot be changed and that is a fact.

Ann Williams


Nuclear waste is not environmentally friendly! Wherever it is dumped.

Wendy Mellows


safety b4 profit

Michelle Little


Please stand back as many are now doing across the globe, appreciate the mistakes we have been making that have brought about our present deeply worrying disturbance of life on earth, choose long-term human wellbeing alongside the abundance of other forms of life and a change of direction in social and economic policy making avoiding these dangers and places care and consideration for coming generations and their quality of life before apparently smart 'solutions' that may well turn out to be reckless.

Derek Robinson


The nuclear industry has made fools out of successive governments over the past 50 years. So much money has already been wasted on an industry that has never lived up to its promises. True statesmenship is seeing the nuclear industry for the shambles it is and moving the UK into a renewables revolution.

Camilla Berens


This was a mad idea to start with, it is now getting ridiculous, making more & more waste.  We need to focus on green energy & keep the waste where it is made. Stop the plan to dump nuclear waste underground.  Nowhere on this small island will be suitable for that.

Jane Bell


Say no to underground nuclear waste dumps.

David Haswell


NO!  Cumbrians DO NOT want a nuclear dump under the Irish Sea. I urge you my prime minister and my government to pull out of this “process”

Alison Denwood

It is entirely untrue to suggest that local Cumbrian communities want this underground dump. It is not safe geologically, and an alternative containment solution is far preferable.  We are sick of the nuclear industry dominating and monopolising the culture of Cumbria’s West coast and potential job opportunities. Greener  alternatives have to be the way forward, coupled with enhancement of the natural beauty of our county and its coastal regions. Culture and Nature, not more nuclear horrors.

 Jennifer Launder

Stop this dangerous plan and emphasize containment above ground.
Pauline E Goodridge

You and your previous Nuclear enthusiasts have repeatedly told us that Nuclear is safe. So why the need for underground storage now? Is this so you can add disaster to disaster & go ahead with 250 new nuclear war heads? Plus Sizewell etc. That will add to the 2050 tons of High & 76 000 tons of Intremediate waste...Plus increase your 140 tons of Sellafield plutonium! Now the latter will be stored on the surface....quite enough to destroy humanity, so the  underground waste hole is just a ruse to take more tax payers money. & hand it out to your ....friends! I hear Trudy Harrison MP for Sellafield is your PPS, what experience has she got to push this lucrative but lethal white elephant?
Neil Wilson

Focus on Containment
lesley luckin

Burying radioactive waste underground or under the sea is a high risk strategy that is storing up environmental catastrophe for future generations.  Pease dispose of this policy!
Mandy Bannon

Amy Harlib

No dump here.
Yvon Appleby

Stop "Delivery" of a Geological Nuclear Dump Under the Irish Sea or Anywhere Else. Isn't it time to put people first? We want a world that does not rely on nuclear power but one that offers safe green energies.  Living in Morecambe I have two nuclear power stations on either side of the coast, it is time to stop the need for nuclear waste dumps which will need attention for years and years to come and concentrate on green energies.
Margaret Rutter

We don’t want a nuclear dump in a site so vulnerable to erosion or infiltration by water. In fact we don’t want it anywhere! Keep it where it is made until we know we can store it safely for millennia and where it can regularly be monitored. And we do not have that technology yet!
Pat Sanchez

Dr Carl Iwan Clowes

The government allowed fracking in the North West which caused earth tremors. Now they plan to bury nuclear waste here because its geologically stable. Oh, and they have already dumped thousands of tons of highly explosive munitions, chemical weapons and nuclear materials in the Irish Sea? What could possibly go wrong? Is there an evil plot, or is this one for Hanlon's Razor: "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".
Ed Mason

Yet another ridiculous way to deal with nuclear waste!
When will these nuclear supporters wake up to the reality of its short and VERY long term dangers.
Gwyn Pendry

Storing nuclear waste underground is unproven, failing across the world. Producing more is immoral.
Robat Idris

Nuclear waste needs to be stored on site in containment that isolate the waste from the environment, where it can be easily monitored, and, if necessary, remedial action to repackage the waste can easily be undertaken.
Brian Jones

All radioactive wastes should be stored above ground in repackageable containers, and constantly guarded for the thousands of years it will be dangerous. Infinite sums to fund such a project should be budgeted for beyond the next elections for thousands of years. Such funding as well as carbon footprints for such storage sites should be costed in to the initial funding plans of any nuclear development.
Jill Gough

This feels like putting it in the garden shed and closing the door. You may not see it but it will still be there. Stop hiding the problem and start to deal with it!
Debby Howrie

A very bad idea. Please reconsider the enormous risk to the environment, to the food chain and to the people.
Herve Courtois

Containment, not spurious disposal - just because it’s hidden, it hasn’t gone away!
Prof Terry Bennett

No, nuclear waste needs to be accessible so future problems can be dealt with. And Cumbria already has enough - find somewhere else. How bout under the houses of parliament? Concentrate their minds….
Hilary Gee

I spotted this as a long term plan for the ingress of 'spent' nuclear material, not an egress of coal, as soon as I read the proposal and spotted the names of the investors : its so blatant a five year old could work it out!
You should be ashamed of yourselves, haven't we had enough lies and misinformation from this government?  A good government would not put the entire future of a county ahead of cronyism. Anyone with a grain of common sence can see that this scheme is a sham, is of no benefit to the population, and is placing a ticking time bomb at the heart of the North of England and of Ireland.
Lynette Mckone

Long past time to think again about nuclear - the debateable  reasons for persisting with this deadly dangerous environmental experiment have disappeared!
Roger Cartwright

This is a very bad move to establish a Geological Disposal Facility.
We should sttop producing radioactie waste.  We do not need nuclear power; the country can have enough electricity or renewable energy without the problem of radioactive waste.
Rae Street

Please do not bury nuclear waste under the sea near the Lake District. It has a half life of thousands of years. What kind of legacy would this be for our children?
Celia Briar

The last time we were told the Cumbrian geology is not suitable for such an idea. The whole idea of putting this stuff deep underground is completely wrong. There is every chance that in hundreds of years time it will leak and cause environmental damage. What a legacy to leave our future generations.
Mr MJ Kendall

There are 350, 000 tonnes of high-level nuclear waste worldwide, from a nuclear fission industry that has only provided a few percent of total electricity production during the past 60 years.  There is nothing sustainable about this nuclear fission industry whatsoever.  Renewables are now a much cheaper and safer way to generate electricity.  Generation of more nuclear waste in the UK should be avoided at all costs as soon as possible; for example, Sizewell C should not be pursued.  Moreover, in case the deep geological depository turns out unexpectedly to be a technical disaster, it is better that the nuclear waste is kept at ground level until better technology is available to deal with the waste (for example two-fluid molten salt reactors that can transmute the waste into something that is more benign to the biosphere).  As a demonstration, Sellafield has now generated 140 tonnes of Plutonium that will cost the UK £73 million per year to keep safe.  Generating so much Plutonium, in view of terrorist risks and high toxicity to the biosphere, was an appalling misjudgment by earlier UK governments.
Dr Timothy Norris


Nuclear waste is dangerous and we are leaving a toxic legacy for future generations by burying it underground. we should not be building any more nuclear facilities but investing more in renewable energy, which does not leave this lethal waste.
Andrea King

It is so very dangerous to put nuclear waste underground. Please stop this mad plan.
Samagita Moisha

Nuclear power was always a risky and foolish idea. Nothing has changed. We should be investing in green energy and in wasting less power. Nuclear waste is a time bomb.
Lawrence Werner Freiesleben

Until nuclear waste can be made safe it's production should cease. If politicians want to bury it they should do it in their own constituencies. We don't want it in Cumbria
Brian Woodward

Stop the further production & importation of nuclear waste, & insist on above ground containment where it can be monitored, & further safety measures implemented more easily.
Caroline Spencer-Palmer

Follow your own mantra, FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, not the money.
Kathleen J Conn

Stop dumping nuclear waste under the Irish Sea or anywhere else
Judith Law

Burying nuclear waste is not a safe way to dispose of it.  The problem needs to be scientifically addressed. Until then the waste should be contained above ground and no more nuclear facilities built.  Future generations deserve no less.  Joan West

Dear Boris,
Whilst I am pleased that we are reducing fossil fuels like coal and gas we need to monitor nuclear waste.
Tony Makin

Instead of bribing communities with £Millions to accept the plan to dump many decades worth of hot, high level nuclear wastes deep underground, we ask that you stop the production of ever more dangerous radioactive wastes, place a moratorium on the GDF “Delivery.
Barbara Roberts

This is adding insult to injury already caused by Britain dumping nuclear waste in the Irish Sea and polluting Ireland's coastline
David Penney


We do not want nuclear waste through Lancashire and Cumbria. It is dangerous and we do not want it. We need to think more creatively and thoughtfully.
Gillian Sheath

Please stop the hugely expensive and cost-ineffective nuclear industry. We have enough highly dangerous nuclear waste that we don't know what to do with already!
Liz Boothman

No to underground dump which will cause problems for future generations with leakages contaminating the Earth. Needs to be contained above ground so can be monitored. Not ‘out of sight out of mind’
Jan Thompson