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Calm Sea


Cumbria and especially Copeland are seen by the rest of the UK as being nuclear compliant. The truth is more complex and alternates between a deep resentment by much of the public and misplaced cocky pride by many local councillors and the current Mayor regarding the nuclear industry’s oppressive hold on the area.  Cumbria is the only area in the UK seriously in the frame for a Geological Disposal Facility and despite the “nuclear compliance”  it has said a big fat no to the plan to bury heat generating nuclear wastes deep underground, at least three times already.   Now, in order to smooth the way for a U Turn by a  ‘willing community',  government have changed the rules to make sure that Cumbria County Council no longer has the right of veto and that Geological Dumping of Nuclear Wastes is now a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (which can overrule local objections in the “national interest”).  The area seriously being looked at is beneath the Irish Sea adjacent to the plan for the undersea coal mine (which we are also vigorously opposing).  What comprises a “willing community” remains unspecified but there will be say Radioactive Waste Management a “test of public support.”  


This RWM video promoting the plan for Geological Disposal is supposed to reassure a “willing community” that they are in safe hands.

The video features Steve Reece, Site Evaluation Manager for Radioactive Waste Management ( a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority).  Steve Reece has moved to Radioactive Waste Management from being the Head of Operations for the coal mine developers, West Cumbria Mining.  It was on Steve Reece’s watch in 2017 that  the coal mine exploratory drilling rigs accidentally hit a methane gas pocket necessitating the call out of the Irish Coast Guard.  

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