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Why? Because the industry and Government want a "final solution" to the nuclear waste problem in order to make yet more nuclear wastes.

"In 2010, political pressure forced the US government to abandon its expensive Yucca Mountain repository in Nevada. In 2013, Cumbria County Council voted to reject plans to build a UK facility in West Cumbria. In both instances, the state failed to convince worried locals that their plans for geological disposal were safe and desirable. "It's the uncertainty that worries us," says Peter Roche, a campaigner who formerly worked on nuclear issues for Greenpeace and is now a policy adviser for the government organisation Nuclear Free Local Authorities. "Can you ever really know how a certain material will behave in a certain location in 100,000 years time? If you put it down a deep hole and it starts to leak then you have left future generations with something they can't do anything about."  Extract from WIRED

There is No Operational Geological Disposal Facility for Heat Generating Long Lived Radioactive Wastes Anywhere.

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