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Colour it Red Event Tomorrow 7th Dec Cancelled - due to be rescheduled

Campaigners regret that the 'Colour it Red' art event due to take place on 7th December 12-1pm at Whitehaven Harbour is to be rescheduled to a later date.

However the letters to the regulators with responsibility for the pollution in Whitehaven Harbour and the Petition of nearly 1700 signatures calling for the sacking of the coal boss, Mark Kirkbride, from his nuclear dump advisory role with Government, will be sent on the 7th Dec. This date marks the approval by Government of Mark Kirkbride's coal mine exactly one year ago and strangely the same time that heavy pollution started pouring into Whitehaven Harbour. Campaigners are urging an immediate halt to any plans for further deep mining in this area whether for coal or for a deep nuclear dump, especially while toxic pollution continues to pour into the harbour from the honeycomb of existing mines under land and sea in the Whitehaven area.

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