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Free International Webinar - Nuclear Waste Burial. Speakers from UK, US and Sweden.

International Update: speakers provide updates from other countries exploring or pursuing deep geological repositories for nuclear waste, and learn why the NWMO’s claim of an “international consensus” about nuclear waste burial is a consensus of the nuclear club and their supporters, while opposition persists in response to actual industry burial plans.

Register here - February 22nd 5 pm (UK time)

Northwatch invitation:

Join us for our eleventh annual webinar series about nuclear waste in Canada. Each year, this series explores important topics about nuclear waste in Canada with a focus on the generation, transportation and proposed burial of highly radioactive nuclear fuel waste. All times are shown for the Eastern Time Zone in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, New York, etc.)

Week 1 “Canada Update 2023: Nuclear Waste & the NWMO”, Thursday, February 9th, 7 pm

Week 2 “Nuclear Neighbours“, Thursday, February 16, 7 pm,

Week 3 “International Update“, Wednesday, February 22, 12 noon, Register HERE

Week 4 “Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare“, Tuesday, February 28, 7 pm, Register HERE

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