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Great Day Yesterday at Wasdale Show

We chatted yesterday to friends old and new at our stall at the wonderful Wasdale Show. Vistors to the stall included holiday makers to the Lake District and locals including a fisherman originally from West Cumbria who had much to say about the "clean" nuclear industry polluting the sea and the land.

We have an ongoing petition about the nuclear industry's (and our pro-nuclear Government's) abuse of the word "clean." Hundreds of people have signed the petition but we need many more signatures in order to force a debate in Parliament about the blatant false advertising promoting the most polluting and dangerous industry on the planet.

Here are a few photos from the day - on the way home we were treated to the wonderful view of a double rainbow over Wastwater which we managed to capture in a photo - also photographed is the view of the pumping station at the foot of Wastwater taking 4 million gallons of freshwater every day to cool the nuclear wastes which arrive daily at Sellafield (more water is also used from the rivers Calder, Ehen and boreholes) .

The pumping station for Sellafield's cooling water - 4 Million gallons Every day - The volume of water in Wastwater has been emptied many times over by Sellafield!

End of the day - a double rainbow over Wastwater

Wasdale is a visual reminder that we really are blessed to have such a beautiful land - and at the same time cursed to have the most polluting industry on the planet using this land, air and sea to cool, "dilute" and disperse its wastes..

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2023년 10월 16일

Geat write up of a day that ended with such hope for the future! Good to see faces old and new that shout out for our beautiful land against those who see only how to utilise its glory for the bottomless nucelar trough.

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