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Isle of Man Today: First News Outlet to Expose the Plan for Seismic Testing of the Irish Sea

Despite sending out press releases to all UK press this is the first we have seen exposing the UK's Nuclear Waste Services plan for seismic testing of the Irish Sea ....

Petition against tests of geology under sea

Read the Full Story at the Isle of Man Today

extract below:

‘The Irish Sea area is already burdened with waste from several decades of Sellafield’s nuclear reprocessing discharges. Radioactive waste particles in their thousands are routinely found on Cumbrian beaches by the regulators and by citizen scientists.

‘This means that any meaningful monitoring of a subsea nuclear dump would be impossible as the existing radioactive pollution would mask any new leakage from the subsea vaults of very hot nuclear wastes.

‘Seismic testing to test the complex subsea geology for a nuclear dump is therefore unjustifiable.

‘Despite decades of the nuclear industry operating in this area the Irish Sea is still miraculously biodiverse. The Irish Sea’s marine wildlife needs time and space to recover from industrial pollution. Instead it is due to be deafened and damaged by airgun blasting and have a nuclear dump embedded beneath.’

Shearwater GeoServices, which specialises in oil and gas exploitation, has been contracted to carry out the seismic survey in July and August.

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