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Its Not About the Money Money Money ... its about the Process - La La La La La La La

The last time around the GDF (Deep Hot Nuclear Dump) trap (from 2008 to 2013) Radiation Free Lakeland kept a deliberate distance from the "process" - of course a lot of folk love a good "process" but this "process" like the last has one outcome. Delivery of a deep hot nuclear dump. This time the "process" is even more tightly stitched.

The GDF Partnership are taking advice from the best behavioural psychologists in the business in order to give the "process" a semblance of the feel of democracy in action. Nothing could be further from the truth. The GDF process wants nothing more than for people to feel involved in matters of importance and flattered - always flattered - you are the most important person, your views matter (just try asking the wrong questions though) - democracy has nothing to do with it.

This "process" is nothing less than a covert massive land and sea grab for a deep hot nuclear waste dump and if the so called and so far unknown "test of public support" was to be measured in how much police protection the GDF Partnership feel they need for their "drop ins" then the plan would be scrapped now. One of the police protectors hired by GDF Partnership said to me at the Haverigg "drop in" - "I know you are a peaceful lot" - well yes of course we are - but what the GDF Partnership propose is what we need protecting against. Who will do that?

Money is flowing into West Cumbria as a result of a few local politicians signing up to this tricksy and underhand "process." This is Public Money filtered through the prism of Nuclear Largesse. No one was allowed a say in joining the "process" but a handful of vested interest councillors who are big fans of the nuclear industry and of burying the wastes out of sight and out of mind in order to make more and more of the crapola...

The kids are loving their new BMX pump track - What is not to like? - and this example is just a drop in the ocean of the forthcoming £Millions in nuclear dump slush funds. When councillors vote on decisions they are by law required to declare an interest and withdraw from voting if they have a financial or beneficiary interest in the subject of the decision. At the end of this "process" surely the whole of West Cumbria will have to declare a financial or beneficiary interest and will not be eligible to vote in the "test of public support" for a deep hot nuclear dump? Of course West Cumbria is not the only interested party - the impacts of a deep hot nuclear dump under the Irish Sea bounding the Lake District National Park, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man would be widely felt.

The following text has been posted by the group recently set up called South Copeland Against GDF, we fully agree with the analysis that we are being groomed.

The South Copeland GDF Community Partnership are now making the minutes of their meetings available on their website. Other documents they have produced are also available there, including the minutes of the Working Party which preceded the Partnership. They are also seeking a wider membership although you will have to be quick as the deadline for applications is tomorrow (to be fair, they have been advertising for a while now). However, if you are thinking of applying you might want to consider the following comments:

  • it is all part of their grooming process

  • many opponents to GDF would see it as a sell out

  • it would curtail your ability to challenge the actions of the CP outside of CP meetings

  • it would suborn you to decisions made by the majority favouring taking the project forward

  • you could not call for local Parish Councils to withdraw from the CP if you are in it.

There are also suggestions that their meetings may well become public in the near future (see their August minutes).

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