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Nuclear Dump Boss Needs His Coal Mine Licences Renewed

What is Mr Nuclear Waste Saying to Mr Coal? - send in your captions!

Nuclear Dump Boss Needs His Coal Mine Licences Renewed - ultimately by the same Govnt Dept that is responsible for employing him as Nuclear Dump Advisor!

On 6th June the Coal Authority posted on their website that West Cumbria Mining have finalised their new applications for their three conditional licences for Woodhouse Colliery Onshore, Woodhouse Colliery North and Woodhouse Colliery South. All three original conditional licences had lapsed.

The Coal Authority have previously refused sight of the licence applications based on "Commercial Interests."

Campaigners say that there is no justification offered by the Coal Authority for the protection of the developers at the expense of public scrutiny into the licence applications - there are no other "commercial interests" and in any event that part of the licence could be redacted. Unless of course the justification for this protection is cronyism? The CEO of West Cumbria Mining Mark Kirkbride is the UK Government's key nuclear dump advisor at the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management and is simultaneously looking to have his coal mine licensed by the Coal Authority who are under the same Dept (Energy Security and Net Zero) as CoRWM.

Cronyism or what??!

Please write to the Coal Authority asking them not to renew the Nuclear Dump Boss's licences for Woodhouse Colliery. Woodhouse Colliery lies between the two target areas of Mid-Copeland and Allerdale for a deep nuclear dump. The earthquake inducing coal mine would also be just four miles from the worlds largest civilian stockpile of plutonium at Sellafield. West Cumbria Mining's CEO fought hard to prevent the "traffic light system" called for by Radiation Free Lakeland at the public inquiry despite coal mining being known to induce more seismic activity than fracking. And this is the guy in charge of advising UK Government on nuclear waste dumping - that diabolic plan which has seen its first wave of Kirkbride's "invaluable" advice - "investigation techniques."

Contact the Coal Authority and ask them not to issue licences for Woodhouse Colliery aka - the UK's nuclear dump boss's coal mine ! If you would like to mention climate in passing then please do so.

Coal Authority Email Telephone. 0345 762 6848

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