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Rainbows and Nuclear Pride is Kendal's Shame

The following letter was sent to the Westmorland Gazette on the 10th July - unpublished

Dear Editor

Last week's Westmorland Gazette positively fizzed with nuclear pride. There was an article about nuclear minister Andrew Bowie at Cartmel Races saying "Cumbria to be 'beating heart' of UK's nuclear future." That must be the most dangerous gamble ever to be placed at Cartmel Races. Then we were presented with the Pride of Cumbria Awards sponsored by Sellafield, the world's worst neighbour, with its 140 tonne stockpile of planetary destroying plutonium sponsoring "best neighbour." This was followed by a gushing advert for Westinghouse, the place near Preston where uranium fuel is made to burn in nuclear reactors, claiming to be "clean." To top it all off there is Kendal Pride Village at the Brewery Arts sponsored by one of the worlds largest arms manufacturers and the builder of nuclear submarines at Barrow. Have Kendal Pride and the Brewery not heard of BAE's role in Yemen? Does the rainbow flag of peace now mean going nuclear? Will the next nuclear submarine out of Barrow have a rainbow flag draped over it "in gratitude" ?

Yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby

note the letter does not mention BAE's massive sales of armaments to countries such as Saudi Arabia who have the death penalty for being gay

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What can one say that you and many of us have not said many times. However for Sellafield to curry favour with the Rainbow campaign is an appalling piece of propoganda. It is not alright for Sellafield to muscle in and take centre stage away from people highlighting there is a right be openly Gay. There is no trick Sellafield won't use to get support for putting out of sight, therefore out of mind for the future generations their filthy and dangerous material produced without knowing at the the time how they were going to dispose of it. Now is the day of reckoning, as you said Sellafield are the worst of neighbours. Sellafield are engaged in wholesale bribary to…

Jul 22, 2023
Replying to

Westinghouse Sellafield and BAE (and Rolls Royce who produce the nuclear submarine reactors) are complicit - Westinghouse make the fuel for BAEs nuclear submarines - the old contaminated nuclear submarines (and their uranium fuel) end up at Sellafield . They "partner" with local press with massive paid for advertising and sponsoring press .."best neighbour" "sportsperson of the year" etc etc etc

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