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Spooky how the Nuclear Industry is "Clean." "Dirty" is a Dirty word.

"Your skin is falling down around your ankles?" Hey Don't worry - its "Clean."

Nuclear Waste Services (the UK Government body with Limited Liability ) says that new nuclear power would be "clean" and that their plan (courtesy of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, top advisor is the Coal Boss, Mark Kirkbride) would be "safe."

Brushing Nuclear Waste Under the Irish Sea - the view from Seascale - image Lakes Against Nuclear Dump

The Cambridge dictionary definition of "clean" is:

"clean adjective free from any dirty marks, pollution, bacteria, etc.:"

The opposite of clean is .. dirty.

The dirtiest (in every sense) industry which rips uranium out of the ground, enriches it, burns it producing long lived man-made radionuclides that never existed on this planet, has turned the English language on its head.

This has implications not only for todays generations who no longer have the tools to describe the nuclear industry but also for future generations. It is intentionally Orwellian and the most blatant greenwashing of the only industry that has the full capacity to make the planet uninhabitable for all living creatures into eternity.

Reclaim the word "CLEAN" from the DIRTY Nuclear industry - Petition here:

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