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The Lake District is Sellafield's New Car Parking "Requirement"

Nope its not an April Fools day article. This is to follow up on our most read article to date "Sellafield wants to pave paradise with loads of parking lots" .

Our most read article was not "exclusive" by design as we sent this information out to local and national press. It is of concern that much of the local and once trusted "independent" press is now owned by Barrnon Media who are in turn owned by Barrnon Nuclear.

As media have not taken this up (!) we are publishing the map sent to Parish Councils and others with Sellafield's urgent car parking "requirement."

The map indicates that the "requirement" being looked at is largely in the Lake District National Park and is south of the Sellafield site. The majority of traffic (we think 90%) actually comes to Sellafield from the North as is evidenced by the largely dualled road all the way to Sellafield from the M6. From the south are rough country single track roads such as over Corney Fell, and the notoriously dangerous A595 through Lake District hamlets and villages a tiny fraction of the size of Sellafield itself. Sellafield own land in the north which includes the river Ehen floodplain area inbetween the nuclear waste site and the village of Beckermet. This fragile area which should be a buffer zone between Sellafield and Beckermet is being touted once again for new nuclear build (and new nuclear wastes). No room for a car park but plenty of room for new nuclear?

The darker shade of green is the Lake District National Park, this is the search area for Sellafield's new carparking "requirements" as drawn out by global real estate company Avison Young acting on behalf of Sellafield.

Its not like Sellafield havn't got loads of offsite carparks already. To our knowledge they pay around £15,000 a year for the use of the public carpark in the village of Seascale, also the offsite Yottenfews car park (1300 spaces) which was supposed to be "temporary" (to be returned to greenfield) for the construction of the now defunct Thorp nuclear waste reprocessing plant, the old Kangol factory at Cleator Moor has 600 spaces, Greengarth at Holmrook and no doubt more we know nothing of.

The above has been sent again to press and to the Lake District National Park Authority. Will we see some Grrrrr or will all roll over before the Sellafield juggernaught?

Happy April Fools Day (ps the above is all true)

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