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"Who We Are" 'Teenagers' fronting the Same Old Vicious Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Industries

Folk may have seen the incredible PR in the Guardian and elsewhere for the nuclear industry courtesy of a Swedish teenager (not Greta - she is now an 'oldie') trying to shame Greenpeace EU for its "old-fashioned" opposition to nuclear.

The people behind the Swedish teenager are Re-Planet - a group of 'young people' fronting an NGO which was given start up funds by the Rodel Foundation aka Bill and Melinda Gates.

screenshot 1st Sept "23 of Re-Planet "Who We Are"

So the start up funds come from a rich old guy with nuclear build interests (along with other nefarious business interests eg lab grown food)!

Ongoing funds for Re-Planet come from Quadrature Climate Foundation established by Quadrature Capital who have tens of £millions in fossil fuel companies carrying out massively damaging drilling operations in areas such as the Arctic. In the same week as the teenagers letter to Greenpeace is featured in the national press the Swedish government have overturned their long held ban on uranium mining. Deposits of uranium are found largely in the wilderness areas of Sweden, the very areas necessary to the livlihoods of the indigenous "old fashioned" people of Sweden, the Sami.

I have written a letter to the Guardian in response to the fossil and nuclear funded Swedish teenager of Re-Planet who claims to speak for the young of today in shaming those "old fashioned" values of the Sami and those genuinely protecting our fragile planet.

Not holding breathe that it will be published anytime soon...

Dear Editor

Contrary to the teenager’s nuclear letter ("Young Climate Activist Tells Greenpeace to Drop 'Old Fashioned' Anti-Nuclear Stance" Helena Horton Guardian 29th August 2023), if anything Greenpeace UK are nowhere near active enough in ensuring the planet is not returned to its original state of being too radioactive for life. The young people of Re-Planet are funded by some twisted agenda driven oldies including Bill and Melinda Gates’ Rodel Foundation. It is a weird coincidence that the Swedish teenagers' letter urging Greenpeace to ‘go nuclear’ to save the planet is promoted in the same week that Sweden has overturned its long held ban on uranium mining and radioactive water is released into the Pacific from Fukushima. As in every country where uranium mining takes place it is indigenous people that bear the brunt of polluted land and damaged health. The “old fashioned’ indigenous people of Sweden are the Sami who have no interests in uranium mining for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. The vast areas of rivers and land the Sami need to be free of pollutants now has a vast uranium mining target on its back. Bill Gates must be rubbing his old hands with glee as the more polluted the land, rivers and sea are with nuclear crapola the more he can push another favourite agenda of his (enthusiastically fronted by the young people of Re-Planet) of the “modernisation of agriculture". Reindeer flavoured lab grown meat with your tritium tea anyone?”

Yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby

Lakes Against Nuclear Dump

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Love your letter to The Guardian Marianne and thanks for highlighting this issue. Well done for all that you are doing. Don’t give up - we need brave ppl to cast a light on the shadow side of life. Under the B.S guise of philanthropy, Bill & Melinda Gates are up to their old tricks again - it’s disgusting that they and Quadrature Capital are getting teenagers to front their campaign by funding their NGO.

Please keep up all your great work and don’t lose hope. Every stone creates a ripple effect. Hopefully the main news agencies will pick up on this story…but as always…it’s about following the money. Great things do happen thru Avaaz and so positive chang…

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