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A Bit of Background

Lakes Against Nuclear Dump or LAND are unapologetically opposed to new nuclear and new nuclear wastes.  There is no way to "dispose" of the most dangerous wastes on the planet.  


Long lived radioactive wastes with inhuman timescales result from the most toxic industry.  Born in the race to produce the atom bomb.  The nuclear waste industry is now calling itself "clean" and nuclear waste an "asset."   


This NuSpeak should be challenged and we are doing just that.   Welcome to L.A.N.D 

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A Bit of History and a Poem by the late great Terry Jones of Monty Python

Before settling on Cumbria's faulted and complex geology as a 'line of least resistance,' various clay and salt rock sites, in England and Wales, were identified in Parliament in late 1979 and early 1980 as possible sites for the burial of radioactive wastes.  Some of the 9 sites were quite large areas. One of them was described as the Worcester Basin which stretched across three counties:- Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester. Friends of the Earth Evesham who were leading the opposition, decided to organise a “spot the dump” competition. The prize for the winner was a poem
specially written by Monty Python’s Terry Jones.  Here is that poem

Terry Jones' Poem
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