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Coal Boss CEO's Work for the GDF - Advice on Investigations and Costings Veiled in Secrecy

Coal Boss is Advising on Investigation Techniques for the Nuclear Dump - Including Seismic Blasting and Deep Borehole Investigations.

Back then we did not know that the Coal Boss, Mark Kirkbride was to be appointed in 2019 as key advisor to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management. This is the authority that gives advice both upwards to Government and downwards to Nuclear Waste Services and Radioactive Waste Management Ltd. CoRWM is appointed by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Most people cannot quite believe that the CEO of the first deep coal mine in over 30 years is also advising government on the controversial and hugely experimental nuclear dump plans. People cannot believe this as the appointment to CoRWM is clearly a conflict of interest given the coal mine is adjacent to the nuclear dump investigation area under the Irish Sea and that the government are due to make a decision on whether or not to allow Mark Kirkbride's coal mine to go ahead. There is a petition here to sign urging Mark Kirkbride's removal as key government advisor on the nuclear dump plan.

Mark Kirkbride's role within CoRWM is to give advice on such nefarious things as the investigative seismic blasting (already taken place with no public consultation), investigative deep borehole drilling (due to take place with no public consultation) and construction techniques and scenarios for the Geological Disposal of High Level Nuclear Wastes - along with the vision for "co-disposal" of Intermediate Level Nuclear Wastes much nearer the surface (16 boreholes already drilled with no consultation in the Drigg area for this "vision."). In the 1990s NIREX days the plan was 'just' for Intermediate Level Wastes at up to 1000 metres. Now CoRWM have doubled down on the plan and included High Level Wastes for the up to 1000 metres 'disposal' with (cheaper) shallower 'disposal' for the Intermediate Level wastes of which the "vision" is shared access routes and above ground facilities for the GDF.

For quite some while we have been attempting to find out what exactly Mark Kirkbride's "invaluable" advice has been. The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management have been evasive, refusing to answer direct questions other than with obfuscation.

Because of this refusal to answer Freedom of Information questions we have asked for an internal review to CoRWM's refusal to answer the following questions :

Dear Committee on Radioactive Waste Management,

I request sight of all advice compiled for CoRWM by Mark Kirkbride on the following:

1. Provision of advice to BEIS and RWM on GDF siting activities, including selection criteria, methods of investigation, and the timescale for carrying out site selection in the three rock types.

2. All Costings provided by Mark Kirkbride for "co-location" of Near Surface and Geological Disposal

Yours faithfully,

Marianne Birkby Radiation Free Lakeland


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