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Coal Mine “a Trojan Horse” for Nuclear Waste Facility reports Isle of Man Today

Isle of Man Newspapers reporter Adrian Darbyshire wins this original cartoon.

Today Radio 5 Live reported on the coal mine- they did ask for Radiation Free Lakeland's thoughts but decided they didn't want them after all.

The BBC 5 Live reporting was confined to climate impacts, steel and jobs, important, but this narrow reporting contains some high level omissions. Some of these omissions have been addressed by The Isle of Man Newspapers who are the first press (with the honourable exception of our local online Cumberland Echo) to expose the appointment of Coal Mine boss Mark Kirkbride to the Government's Nuclear Dump plan for heat generating nuclear wastes.

Reporter Adrian Darbyshire will be receiving an original cartoon in honour of being the first national press reporter (even though it isn't our own national press) to expose the UK Government's complicity in the coal mine plan and thoughts on what that complicity means for Cumbria and our neighbours.

Below are a couple of extracts from today's Isle of Man Today "Isle of Man Newspapers reported in January that an undersea nuclear disposal facility could be built within eight miles of Manx territorial waters. The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has relaunched its search for the site of a geological disposal facility. One option that is being considered is to build it under the Irish Sea up to 22km out from Sellafield. This would bring it within six to eight miles of the island’s own 22km (12 nautical mile) territorial limit. West Cumbria Mining’s chief executive Mark Kirkbride has been appointed to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, the body charged with advising the UK government on the long-term management of high-level radioactive waste. fThis week Mr Kirkbride gave a Zoom presentation on the development of a deep geological disposal facility for nuclear waste in the UK, a talk hosted by the Science Discovery Group." FULL ARTICLE HERE


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