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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This chirpy PHD student does not hold back on his fizzing enthusiasm for the deep burial of heat generating nuclear wastes. Radioactive Waste Management and the Allerdale Working Group have organised the events including to schools including primary schools to talk to youngsters about the 'best' plan for nuclear waste. " An interactive learning session on the uses of geological disposal facilities has been held for 43 children from St Gregory’s Primary School in Workington and Our Lady and St. Patrick's Primary School in Maryport.

The session was held by the University of Sheffield and the Allerdale GDF Working Group as part of efforts to consult with the public on the method of nuclear waste disposal. Hands-on sessions were held by James Mansfield, a Scientist and Science Communicator from the University of Sheffield for primary school students aged 10 and 11. " Nothing that much wrong with that you might say but this chap does not hold back on his enthusiam for new nuclear even to the extend of lying about nuclear's contribution to UK energy. He (deliberately?) confuses energy with electricity saying nuclear provides 21% of UK Energy - no it doesn't it provides 20% electricity - around 8% of total energy. Those youngsters who want to ask critical questions of deep burial of nuclear waste are called 'sceptics.' With the overall tone of the presentation not one of scientific neutrality but of an almost religious fervour promoting GDF and nuclear. It is truly sickening. He does say that previously (it is still going down the Sellafield pipeline) waste was dumped into the oceans leading to "mutated fish" - this is presented comically and illustrated by the Simpsons "blinky the three eyed fish." There is no explanation given that even the seawater diluted low level wastes can cause disruption to DNA resulting in mutations of cells causing radiation linked disease such as cancer and more visible genetic mutations such as "blinky". Instead he later refers to low level waste as being of no conseqence whatsoever . The presentation makes it clear that a GDF would be the cheapest solution and the UK says James is going to use steel containers rather than steel and copper because "steel is cheaper than copper and almost as good." All in all this is really disgraceful and very scary. Presumably the pro-GDF pro-new nuclear thrust of this video by the PHD student, to young people is also being repeated to primary school children


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