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Lincolnshire Mobilising Against GDF Possibility

**Radioactive Waste: Solidarity with Lincolnshire**

A Lincolnshire estate agent has warned that plans for a radioactive waste storage facility in Theddlethorpe are causing people to reconsider buying houses in the area, and has urged for the proposals to be scrapped. News of the plans came in late July, when Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) confirmed it was in “early discussions” with Lincolnshire County Council about using the former ConocoPhillips Gas Terminal as a nuclear waste underground disposal facility.

RWM has promised to start a conversation with the community about the proposals, in order to hear and understand people’s views on the matter, and LCC has stressed that no decision will be made without public backing. The Theddlethorpe community organised a campaign meeting in opposition to the radioactive waste storage plans, with around 100 people gathering at Mablethorpe Sherwood Playing Fields to protest it.

While Lincolnshire is mobilising strongly against any possibility of a GDF here in Cumbria we remain the line of least resistance despite having said a big fat NO to the plan several times already. The bottom line is that a Deep Nuclear Dump is not acceptable anywhere, the technology underpinning the plan of very long term containment is unresolved and may remain so for many decades or more into the future. While the government is spending £Billions of taxpayers money on PR and promotion of the plan to dump nuclear wastes deep underground, nuclear wastes from all corners of the UK continue to arrive at the Sellafield site where they fester in intolerable conditions. This situation is putting us all at risk of long term contamination right now. Enough is enough. Our petition to the Prime Minister can be signed here

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