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Pied Piper Leads On to "Community Partnerships"

This was recieved today from the "Copeland Working Group" - the handful of people acting as nuclear dump pied pipers leading us all towards a nuclear sacrifice zone. Unless......

The oldest picture of the Pied Piper copied from the glass window of the Market Church in Hameln/Hamelin Germany (c.1300-1633).

"This email is protectively marked OFFICIAL

Dear Marianne,

I would like to update you on the work of Copeland GDF Working Group.

You will recall that a Working Group was set up in Copeland last November as part of the process to find a willing community and a suitable site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). A GDF is an underground facility designed to safely and securely dispose of higher activity radioactive waste.

The Working Group had three main tasks, as set out in the Government’s Working With Communities Policy[i], which have now been met:

  • To begin the conversation and to start to gather issues and concerns from the community

  • To identify a Search Area(s)

  • To identify prospective members for a Community Partnership

The Working Group is therefore coming towards the end of its work and today we are recommending two Search Areas, each with its own Community Partnership. One Search Area includes the electoral wards of Gosforth & Seascale and Beckermet. The second Search Area includes the electoral wards of Millom and Black Combe & Scafell.

The area within the Lake District National Park (LDNP) and proposed extension will continue to be excluded from siting consideration for the GDF and associated surface infrastructure, even where these electoral ward boundaries may overlap with the LDNP boundary.

Deep geology beyond the coast is also being considered for the siting of the underground elements of a GDF and the Working Group has recommended that Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) initially considers this area. This means a surface facility on land could provide access to a disposal area deep in the rock beyond the coast, where - based on existing data - the Working Group and RWM understand there may be potentially suitable geology worthy of further detailed investigation.

It is now up to the local authorities and RWM to decide whether we progress further to forming Community Partnerships. We look forward to their decision in the coming weeks.

Please find full details in our press release attached.

For further information please click here: Copeland Working Group

[1] See policy here.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Cullinan

Copeland Working Group Chair"

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