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Today at Haverigg - Heroes Say No Seismic Testing - No Nuclear Dump!

Today I was delighted to be able to represent LAND our Radiation Free Lakeland campaign at the Protest against the GDF (Nuclear Dump) plans by Locals. Twenty locals turned up today in Haverigg to protest the siting of a Geological Disposal Facility aka Nuclear Dump for heat generating nuclear wastes under the Irish Sea off the Millom/Haverigg coast and to stop the seismic surveys.

Millom and District Against the Nuclear Dump have a private Facebook group with 344 members (in less than a week - mostly locals).

There are petitions to sign to add your voice to those protesting today...

To the Marine Management Organisation:

People were going in to the exhibition to ask questions of the 'experts' there ( not one of them had a crystal ball to see into the future, despite no operating GDF's anywhere in the world). I asked the hydrologist about the West Cumbria Fresh Water Aquifer which is beneath the whole of the West Cumbria Coastal Fringe. By the industry's own criteria the coastal fringe should be ruled out of consideration. As well as the fresh water aquifer being used by United Utilities to source drinking water for much of Copeland, the area is also riddled with old mines and there are lots of mineral resources still beneath the ground and offshore under the sea including coal. Methane rich Coal fields and Nuclear waste an explosive combination?

The hydrologist said that the GDF was going to be offshore so it didnt matter about the aquifer - I replied that the GDF construction would have to go through the aquifer and that the transport of high level wastes for 100 years would go through the aquifer. The hydrologist replied yes the transport corridor would likely go through the aquifer but that lots of tunnels go through aquifers. NOT SHUNTING HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR WASTES FOR A CENTURY OR MORE.

The most saddening and shocking part of the exhibition was to see how children are being targetted with shameless propaganda. This is all paid for with public money - we are being groomed, our children are being groomed to accept a GDF - with GDF HEROES.....Presumably the good folk of Haverigg and Millom who protested today are the villains?! I think not.

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