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Truth is Seeping through Slower Than the Radioactive Wastes would Seep Through Cumbrian Geology

There is a letter in yesterday's Whitehaven News from a Copeland Borough Council councillor which asks the Question:

"I WONDER how many people would continue to support the proposed coal mine if ti turned out that the main reason for such a venture was to create a Geological Disposal Facility for high level nuclear waste?

To paraphrase a quote from a certain person: We do not want this nuclear waste festering and bubbling away under West Cumbria.

I will add a bit onto this - or under the Irish Sea"

Sam Meteer

Beckermet Ward, Copeland Borough Council


Clearly the "Copeland Working Group" which is in cahoots with the plan to "Deliver a Geological Disposal Facility" DOES NOT SPEAK FOR COPELAND - or anyone else.

This Friday there will be a Webinar by the Nuclear Free Local Authorities. Radiation Free Lakeland who have worked hard for some years to highlight the parallels between the GDF and the Coal Mine were not invited to speak but nevertheless the Webinar is a start to publicly lifting the veil on the fact that the proposed Cumbrian coal mine under the Irish Sea and adjacent to the GDF plan is more than the sum of its parts.

To register for this webinar, which will be held on Microsoft Teams, email the NFLA Secretary Sean Morris – – who will send a meeting invitation. Sean can be contacted on 07771 930196.

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