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Whitehaven on Monday March 11th

The authorities have failed to find the route or routes of the pollution or carry out routine and comprehensive testing and have to date (after 15 months of pollution) not even tested the solids/silt within the water.  

Thanks to you  we now have funds to take a look into the flow and the content of the pollution.  We will call on dowsers to look at the route of the pollution into the harbour.  As well as utilising the expertise of dowsing which is often described as an art not a science, we shall be calling on science too.  On the 11th March samples of silt were taken from the harbour (not an easy feat by any means) , this material is drying now before being sent off for analysis.  The video produced by Elfed an intrepid campaigner from Wales is I am sure you will agree, very poignant. 

We shall keep you updated on all findings and will produce a report to send to the Authorities. Interestingly the local MP Trudy Harrison has only just called for a meeting of interested parties despite having been Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs between 2022 and 2023. The pollution began pouring out of the Whitehaven harbour culvert in December 2022. One of the interested parties she is calling upon is the Sellafield supply chain and robotics - we wonder what sort of robotics will function in acid mine water full of particulates? Sellafield and Great British Nuclear another of Trudy's promotions have a vested interest in problems with deep mining as the nuclear industry is gearing up, not to call a halt to any future mining in the area, but just the opposite....... to dig the most gargantuan mine ever contemplated in the UK ...................... near Whitehaven.

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